now you see me, now you still see me.


a very cooperative model, not me, but she has a similar look

can you see her?

when i was young

i was shy

and used to believe

that if i had sunglasses on

i was invisible

 which worked well for me

until i found out

it wasn’t true

 tried to remember all that i had done

while thinking i was invisible

and wow.

“i am more than what you see.”

-ray bans



photo credit: pinterest

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  1. LOL. When we were little and played hide and seek, my sister thought if she couldn’t see us, we couldn’t see her. She could never understand how we found her when she was behind a tree with her fanny sticking out but her head hidden.

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  2. This poem AND sharing of your life experiences is MAGIC!

    FUNNY THING IS THAT WHEN I WANT TO FEEL INVISIBLE TO THIS DAY . I put my sunglasses 🕶️ ON.. even if it’s dark outside.

    And guess what kind they are — ray bans 😎

    “i am more than what you see.”

    -ray bans


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  3. Our idea of visibility when we’re kids is wonderful. I used to hide behind something believing no one could see me but the “behind” was to the side from the kitchen window. “I see you Martha Ann get in here.”

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