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  1. In the bushland around Geelong, we have Tawny Frogmouth Owls. Tawny Frogmouths mate for life and in the wild they can live up to 14 years. Females typically lay two to three eggs each breeding season (around August to December). The nest is made of sticks and rests on a horizontal tree branch.
    At night the breeding pair take turns incubating the eggs, but the father normally takes the day shift. After the chicks have hatched, the whole family can be seen roosting on the same branch, side-by-side.

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  2. While we think of ourselves as superior to birds and trees and animals and insects, they teach us so many valuable lessons. A pair for life, committed and there! So sweet.

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  3. Funny, this. Yesterday evening, before visiting 99+yr old auntie, we took a short walk at our lake. There was much chirping nearby and we spied a tree that looked to me like being bare with loads of leaves on the top branches (v. bad eyesight)…. in fact, there were sitting hundreds, thousands? of starlings and more clouds of them arriving all the time. I pointed my camera and videoed for a moment. This way I can download it on my desktop today and maybe get more joy out of it later…. it was a magic moment and to top it, we followed the sundown which took all of a few moments. The photos of which I took were stunning with the golden-red mirroring in the lake.

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  4. That quote could not ring more true and true commitment is a lifelong act for sure. My husband and I just had our 50th anniversary and it was probably the worst year of our “career” together. The entire year was fraught with heartbreak, loss, illness, etc. and if we had not been totally committed to each other I really don’t know what would of happened to us. So, yes, amid the snow, ice and wind these two birds stayed together..I know exactly how they did that! 🙂

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