follow your eyes.


we went to see the dinos

and along the way

we peeked inside of a magical drawer

filled with beautiful eggs and nests

what wonderful surprise

there’s always something

you don’t expect to discover

when you go to a museum.

“don’t go to a museum with a destination. museums are wormholes to other worlds. they are ecstasy machines. follow your eyes to wherever they lead you…and the world should begin to change for you.”
– jerry saltz

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  1. If 100 different people (exiting a museum) told what their favorite exhibit was, you would get 100 different answers. And the other 99 would reply to each answer, “I didn’t see that! Must have missed it!”

    And the same 100 people would return the next day to discover what they had missed. Maybe. 🙂

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  2. And just think..the younger you are, the more there is to see! 🙂 Wonderful that you took your littles to see all those wonderful things..especially the nests and eggs..I’m still fascinated by those and I’m waaaaay older than a kindergartner.

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  3. …. And never go to a museum ‚with a plan‘….. I love the small and large surprises. As I do in daily life. Went walking through a tiny medieval village in Germany and found a shop on 4 floors with window after window crammed with Easter stuff, hundreds, if not thousands of differently decorated eggs, Easter wreaths, arrangements, bunnies of all sizes and qualities, I had my eye on a Steiff hare (but since we no longer own a house, I couldn‘t apply for another mortgage 😉 ) – I couldn‘t get over the fact that such shops still can make a living.

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