great expectations.


(united airlines 1st class – 747 flight in the 70s)

after booking an upcoming flight

i may have a few misplaced hopes and expectations

that this will be my experience in the air

“let your dreams outgrow the shoes of your expectations.”

-ryunosuke satoro

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  1. I have never flown First Class, though on a honeymoon flight to Amsterdam in 1989, a ground stewardess upgraded us (free) to business class when she heard it was our honeymoon. The only difference was that we had leather seat covers, and the food was served on nice crockery with real cutlery. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Wow, that wasn‘t half bad…. One of my very 1st flights at all was a long one, from Zurich Switzerland to Toronto – one flight per week, a single fare costing a monthly salary, and my husband something like 10 rows away from me…..
    A very kind co-traveller offered his seat so that we two youngsters could sit together and hold hands on this so long, so scary flight! I got even offered a job in case I wouldn‘t find work in Toronto….. Of course we flew not 1st class, in fact I never did. But it was overwhelming all the same.
    Then, much later, when my husband and I lived countries apart, I took planes like others take the bus. Now I try to avoid flying altogether.
    Wishing you a good one though!


  3. Wow, so much has changed. I cannot even imagine that you were ever allowed to sit in a jet like in a lounge without fastening your seatbelt. However, this looks much more relaxing, most of all when supposed to fly for 12 hours…

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  4. I USED to love flying! Beth, it’s clear you’ll have to lower your expectations. But it’s great to keep dreaming! I’m happy you get to take a trip, Beth! Safe travels when it arrives! 💛

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  5. I’ve only flown in cattle cars. Internationally too. Can’t even imagine a scene like that. Alaska once bumped me to first class for some reason. It was wonderful but nothing like your photo. I was just tickled anyway.

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  6. I am happy if the aeroplane I am on has all engines running, a couple of well-rested and happy pilots, no hijackers onboard, and sufficient quantities of barf bags. I hope yours has all of these too.


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