vegas vacation.


headed out today 

for a 3-generation

family vacation

in vegas

i’m a lightweight

gambler and drinker

but we have lots of other ideas

up our sleeves.

“Pick a number? ! I’m great at that!  Coin toss!! Eddie, these are my games!!”

-Chevy Chase as Clark Griswold (Family Vacation) upon entering a Casino

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  1. Vegas is a must at least once in your life, I say. Don’t need to be a gambler (I sure as heck am not). Just walking up and down the strip, stepping inside to see the public washrooms is an adventure. Such oppulence…
    Have a wonderful time!

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  2. Beth, I have a long history in Las Vegas – I used to go there every year for the Consumer Electronics Expo event – and when 100,000 of your fellow nerds all show up at the same time? Fun ensues…you will have a blast – so much to see and do and you don’t have to gamble – although the dollar “Wheel Of Fortune” slot machine is really fun when it shouts those three words at you!

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  3. Have fun! I love the natural landscape around Vegas. Totally captivating. And Chinese food? Just like China in restaurants where they don’t speak English. I don’t gamble or drink, so that’s irrelevant to me, but there is a lot more there.

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  4. Have a wonderful time re-discovering why you like your quiet life so much! Vegas is something I want to see simply to say “I’ve been to Vegas”, but I don’t drink and while I could be addicted to gambling, I can’t afford to be. Enjoy the lights and sights!

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  5. I went there when I was in my thirties, some forty-odd years ago. I went with Gary Oldman’s sister before she was on the TV over here. He had just finished being filmed in JFK.

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  6. Ooh, it’s a family get together? We’ll, THAT is different, for sure. Maybe I shouldn’t comment backwards and thus understand better…. Although, I still don’t see you there. But hey, who says I know anything about you? (Doing a happy dance)

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