lazy in las vegas.


floating down the lazy river in the middle of the desert.

“most people think of las vegas, and they think of extravagance.

but it’s really a mix between fantasy and laziness.”

-gia coppola

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  1. I believe you completely! When people say ‘New York’, most listeners will immediately visualize Times Square, but there are beautiful and peaceful areas as well. I’m glad you’re enjoying all that Vegas can offer!

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  2. If you can find time the Las Vegas Museum of Modern Art is a wonderful place to visit. Vegas was the place I was paid to be a journalist !! Co incidence of timing.

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  3. There’s the old Vegas & the new Vegas.
    I went a few times when there was still lots of old Vegas left, mixed in with some new Vegas.
    Subsequent visits yielded more new Vegas.
    There was more romance and tangible history before.
    Not saying it was better. Saying it is different.

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