a rare sighting

of the superheroes

holding a secret summit meeting

 sharing brave case stories, making plans, and at the ready to help their classmates.


“you are not too small. no one is ever too small to offer help.”
― emlyn ehand, honey the hero

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  1. I just hear my dad saying to my brother, who’s wearing towel as a cape, “No. You’re NOT jumping off the god-damned roof.” And my bro saying, “But dad, I can fly!” And NOW I hear my dad whisper, “I just didn’t want him to learn he couldn’t.” ❤️

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  2. Hysterical!
    Anyway Beth, It’s great that you captured this pic before they all flew off on their missions.
    Otherwise, you’d have to learn to fly, too!
    Still; fly, cape, tights or not, you are a super hero.
    You are a teacher.

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