back and center.


in the last 15 minutes of my weights/strength class

a hybrid mix of

 people in the gym


 people at home

someone felt compelled

to become the new center of attention

by jumping on the equipment

right behind the trainer

who was teaching live

she did not appear to be thrilled

with his spontaneous performance

but i did workout my abs with such a good laugh.

“i don’t like to be center of attention, except for when I want to be the center of attention.”

-trisha paytas

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    • it’s hybrid, so that people who can’t get there on time, or have challenges, can still do the class. I had work, then an online meeting, then the class, and made it on time to the zoom training, otherwise might not have made it –

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  1. I’ve been thinking about the whole attention thing while I’ve been distancing myself from Facebook etc. We all want it. I want it. Somehow it affirms our existence. I think that’s very human and also very troubling.

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