we are learning and doing so many new things:

how to weave

how to be very gentle with a rescue mini pony

how to make veggie sushi

how to catch frogs

how to create the life cycle of a butterfly

and tomorrow, anything is possible…


“curiosity for children is but an appetite for knowledge.”

-john locke




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  1. Oh, teaching them to be kind to animals is probably the VERY best thing you could teach them…well and to be kind to other humans too! 🙂 Beth do you realize that you will be remembered to SO many you have taught over the years for the rest of their lives? (heart).

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  2. Can I join?!?! I’d like to learn some of these!! When did we become such one-tracked, specialized humans? This share inspired me, Beth – off to go crochet!

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  3. Gosh, Beth, you make learning fun. My 4-year-old grandson would love you as a teacher. He had his final preschool celebration today, standing the entire time on stage with his back to the audience because he wanted to see the time and images on the backdrop screen.

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  4. Absolutely wonderful, teaching at its best. BTW, my favorite presenter (Jeanine Fitzgerald) has a school and so much more. I attended a workshop at her school last weekend, and she did a whole thing on teaching vs learning. She said we are not teachers, we are learning coaches. Boy, did that stick with me.

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