getting ahead.


when approaching a yellow light

i generally slow down and stop

but during those situations when it’s unsafe to stop

it’s safer to speed up and drive through

i recently noticed

that when accelerating under the light

i lean into it, with my head forward

i’m not exactly sure how or why i started doing this

it’s as if i was crossing a finish line in an very important race

and i just needed that extra few inches.

is it just me?

am i drafting the wind?

is it making my car accelerate faster?

Β is it my defense when i get pulled over?

“officer, my head was over the line when the light changed, you can check your dashcam to confirm.”

“people love to see you get ahead –
so long as you don’t get further ahead than they are.”
-carol plum-ucci



image credits: department of motor vehicles, sports illustrated – tokyo olympics

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  1. I think I might move my entire upper torso forward a bit, maybe so I can say, “I was halfway through the light before it turned red” and be literally correct? I seldom go through a yellow light unless I’m in a left-turn lane that doesn’t have a green arrow first when the light changes back.

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  2. It’s simple, Beth, we lean forward so our peripheral vision makes sure some other numbnuts is not moving before THEIR light is green. And I lift my bum when I cross a train track, too πŸ˜‰

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  3. Haha! Guilty as charged. It’s funny how we humans share many of the same quirks. I once got a ticket for speeding up during a yellow light. I’m sure those few extra seconds gained were crucial. 🀣

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  4. I thought yellow meant, it’s up to you. No? I think it does make the car go faster when you lean forward. I do not have scientific proof but they lie a lot too, so I think it’s up to us to decide. Keep up the good work.

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  5. I freak when I see a yellow light. I flunked my first driver’s license test in OK because I went through a yellow light. The examiner said I could be ticketed for running a yellow just like running a red. I explained that had I tried to stop I’d have ended up in the middle of the intersection. “Then you were going too fast,” he said. To this day I usually cover my brake when approaching a green light, just in case it changes.

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