grawlix. ( a public service announcement, grammar lesson, and compliment, all in one.)


a series of typographical symbols (such as $#!) used in text as a replacement for profanity
– thank you to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary

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  1. Not exactly the same, but our medic in the army used to say “That’s a catsasstrophy!” — meaning that someone was getting upset for no good reason.

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  2. now you have me wondering where oh where does the expletive go in grawlix. And if Mort Walker coined the word back then why oh why did I just have to add it to my PC dictionary ! ? ! inserting &#@@@!! here…

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  3. I can hear some parent saying, “Timmy, stop using expletive infixation. Why can’t you swear normally like the rest of us?”

    I don’t remember the exact context, but there’s an old book called Ball Four written by former New York Yankees pitcher, Jim Bouton. He makes reference to one of his coaches who had the ability to turn every cuss word into any part of speech and to combine any two random swear words together in either order.🤣

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  4. Who knew symbols in place of real words would actually have a name- in the dictionary. Doris Mae Mitchell (my tough-as-nails English teacher) is rolling in her grave. So is my mother. Sigh!

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