I love this gift

of my very own mini bar

from my very-long-time-big-hearted friends

it fits perfectly into la casita

and so do they.


“it is the small things in life which count;

it is the inconsequential leak

which empties the biggest reservoir.”

*charles comiskey

*Charles Comiskey  (1859 – 1931), also nicknamed “Commy” or “The Old Roman”, was an American Major League Baseball player, manager and team owner. He was a key person in the formation of the American League, and was also founding owner of the Chicago White Sox.

Australian comedian Celeste Barber has raised more than $26 million in under a week to help fight the deadly bushfires that have killed more than 20 people and scorched millions of acres. Over 946,000 people have donated to her Facebook fundraiser for the New South Wales Rural Fire Service & Brigades, which started just four days ago. “Please help anyway (sic) you can,” her appeal reads. “This is terrifying.” New South Wales has been hit hardest by the devastating blazes. […]

via An Australian comedian has raised more than $26 million to fight deadly bushfires — WGNO

An Australian comedian has raised more than $26 million to fight deadly bushfires — WGNO

golden ticket.

how lucky am I?
today I found the golden ticket
just waiting for me in my mailbox.
“It was a very beautiful thing, this Golden Ticket, having been made, so it seemed, from a sheet of pure gold hammered out almost to the thinness of paper. On one side of it, printed by some clever method in jet-black letters, was the invitation itself—from Mr. Wonka.”
– roald dahl,  (Willy Wonka), Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

every moment.


after experiencing 

every kind of spring/fall/winter weather front

in the span of a single whirlwind of a day

there is  new light

in the early morning


a quiet dusting of snow on the ground

 clouds in the sky

streaks of blue


a moon hanging high

we’ll try again. 

‘every moment of light and dark is a miracle.’

-walt whitman



thank you.


“I made this thank you note. I’m going to give it to my family.”

“what are you thanking them for?”

“I’m going to thank them for being my family.”


“if the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough.”

*Meister Eckhart



*Eckhart von Hochheim (c. 1260 – c. 1328), commonly known as Meister Eckhart, was a German theologian, philosopher, and mystic.



(not me, but someone who approaches things the same way I do)


 my favorite quote or word to live by:


in every sense of the word.





image credit: vintage pinterest