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six degrees of sexton-ation


we discovered last fall, in blog world, that we were connected, through many different avenues,

and mutual close friends. amazingly, we had never crossed paths in real life. until…..


i attended a wonderful and unusual book signing at our local ann arbor senior center,

with guest author, susie sexton.


susie read and offered anecdotes from her book,

and local Roy Sexton, Susie Duncan Sexton’s son,

(known throughout Michigan for his cabaret style performances),

sang some of his mom’s favorite musical show tunes.

they kept the audience laughing and clapping.

and roy was there to support his mother’s wonderful endeavor.


Susie Duncan Sexton – is a writer, political pundit, arts critic, animal rights advocate, (and mother of Roy) – has her own column on Jennifer Zartman Romano’s “Talk of the Town.” The column offers observations of growing up in a small Indiana town – the culture, the anecdotes, the legends, the gossip, the joys, the heartaches – and what Sexton has learned about life ever since. She also writes a column “Homeward Angle” for the Columbia City Post and Mail, and she recently published two books, “Secrets of an Old Typewriter,” and “More Secrets of an Old Typewriter.”


and just yesterday, i attended son roy’s own book signing,

at a new ann arbor local independent community bookstore, bookbound.

and susie was there to return the favor.


as roy shares a piece from his book, about growing up with films all around him,

susie is happily surprised by a shared love of favorite movies,

with yet another closely connected audience member, john.


roy (snarky and smart blogging movie reviewer), sang,

(accompanied by his longtime friend and fellow theater musician, rebecca biber),

and read and answered questions.

and susie was there to support him.


book bound owners, megan and peter blackshear

(former borders bargain book-buyer extraordanaire)

graciously hosted the event

in support of local authors.

they may have to create a ‘sexton section’ in the store.


only open seven months,

this store has brought a much needed bookstore to the north side of ann arbor.


and roy’s first book,
Reel Roy Reviews Volume 1: Keepin’ it Real.
has been making it’s way around the world.


there were so many sextons, so little time……

and i was so happy to be a part of it all,

and in awe of the heartfelt and mutual support shared by all.



Susie’s blog: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/5161078.Susie_Duncan_Sexton/blog

Roy’s Blog: http://www.reelroyreviews.com

Susie’s author website: http://www.susieduncansexton.com

Roy’s theatre group: http://www.pennyseats.org

Bookstore: http://www.bookboundbookstore.com