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it’s very important to have the right clothing to exercise in. If you throw on an old t-shirt or sweats, it’s not inspiring for your workout. – cheryl tiegs


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just wondered

not judging

why the guy

working out

next to me today

was wearing




dress shirt

tucked into

belted dress pants?

maybe a sudden inspiration on his way home from work?

maybe in case he runs into the boss?

maybe told someone he was going somewhere else?

maybe dressing to impress?

maybe i have no idea


it is one of

life’s interesting little

unsolved mysteries.

image credit: google images

birthday suit.



mg took me out

for a big birthday night

relaxed fancy dinner

4 star restaurant



great company.

we looked up the dress code

before leaving home

and were so very pleasantly surprised.

Dress Code
We want all of our guests to feel comfortable.

Therefore, all guests must comply with our dress code.

Anyone found in violation will be required to leave.

• No see-through clothing
• No exposed private parts
• No offensive material or language
• No visible undergarments

we wondered what must have happened for them

to have felt the need put this code in place.

and it also

 really put a damper on my planned ensemble.

‘good humor is one of the best articles of dress

one can wear in society.’

– william makepeace thackeray

i am now the ‘janet jackson’ of the kindergarten world


nothing like the feeling of wearing my spring dress and strappy sandals to school. ha – winter be damned, i was floating on air – swingy, breezy, light, summery!  found out halfway through the day, at recess, that not only was my dress light as a cloud, it was also completely see-through. i only found out at that point because a fellow teacher described exactly what i was wearing under my dress while i was wearing it, and happily chatting away with her in the sun.  thought back on all the places i’d been that day – beginning with a stroll past the administration at our faculty breakfast, greeting our children at the curb as they were dropped off for the day, a saunter past many parents in the hallways, a walk to another building on campus and a meeting with human resources, dropping off the kids at specials’ classes all over the school, lunch with 2 classes, and on and on.  well, at least it makes me feel better about the day i wore my shirt inside out all day as i completed errands all over town. not so bad in comparison and it really puts things in perspective – i am now beginning to better understand how janet may have felt after her wardrobe malfunction at the super bowl. i wonder if we’ll have a dress code next year? 



Sometimes you can’t see yourself clearly until you see yourself through the eyes of others.

Ellen DeGeneres