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Life is the flower for which love is the honey. – Victor Hugo



and on this mother’s day,

i am reminded of when my girls were young and we had no money,

but we had each other,.

and they went to the neighbor’s garden to pick flowers for me,

as a very special mother’s day gift.

they knew i loved flowers.

and they did so fearlessly.

and they didn’t worry about getting in trouble.

and they hoped i wouldn’t be mad.

and when they told me,

i hoped the neighbors, if they saw them picking,

understood why, and wouldn’t be mad.

these flowers meant the world to me.

and they were dirty and smiling and proud to have a gift.

and i hugged them and was so happy to be their mother.

to all of the mothers and children out there,

this day is for you.

and to all of their neighbors.

if you see a child picking flowers in your garden today,

please understand and smile,

and wish them a happy mother’s day.

shopping with methuselah at home depot



None are so old as those who have outlived enthusiasm.  – Henry David Thoreau


while waiting in line to buy some late summer flowers, i heard a sweet voice over my shoulder. i turned to look, and the man behind me, who appeared to be at least 157+ years old, was talking to me.  his joy was infectious, and left us both happy, after such a short and random encounter.

methus: ‘wow, a pretty girl has bought me a flower!’

me: ‘yes, it is for you.’

methus: ‘only charge her 1.98 please.’

(checkout woman looked confused. looked at the price tag again. meths laughed out loud.) 

methus: ‘have you been good?’

me: ‘yes i have.’

methus: ‘i expect not.’

me: ‘are you having a good day?’

methus: ‘hell, i don’t know. i wouldn’t even know the difference.’

(another hearty laugh as i gave him one of my flowers and we each went our separate ways) 


Wrinkles should merely indicate where smiles have been. – Mark Twain