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In life as in the dance, grace glides on blistered feet. – Alice Abrams



Without humility there can be no humanity.  – John Buchan

as i watched the local news last night, and after taking in all of the stories of war, and violence, and crime, and mayhem, i saw this story – of a man’s love for his children, of family, of survival, of a community, who didn’t judge or turn away, but instead, who reached out and gave what they could to help someone who needed helping. this deeply touched me and reminded me of the innate goodness in people. 


According to My Fox Detroit on Jan. 23, an anonymous donor will be paying utility bills for Don Epperson, a 53-year-old father of four who walksDetroit’s mean streets looking for salvage firewood to keep his kids from freezing this winter.

“The same fire that keeps us warm, feeds us,” says Don. The family heats water in buckets to wash dishes in and bathe.

Don has worked as a roofer and a butcher. He’s very willing to work, but there are no jobs. So he does the best he can for his four children, the youngest of whom is just 10. Despite it all, Don’s children are performing very well in school and their current lifestyle hasn’t discouraged them.

After hearing the story, a Good Samaritan stepped forward offering to pay Don’s utility bills. Don was emotional and overjoyed.

I’d just like to say thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart and from my children. We thank you all, we love you for what you’ve done for us. I’ve never had anybody do anything to this magnitude for myself, or even for my children,” Don says.

Thousands have been touched by Don’s story and have asked how to help. 

Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it’s thinking of yourself less. –C. S. Lewis


Life is a long lesson in humility – James M. Barrie



it is time at last, to thank my fellow writers for the many awards you have bestowed upon me. these have languished somewhere on the side stage for far too long. i am humbled and honored by your generosity of spirit. not surprisingly, i haven’t followed many of the rules in accepting the awards, but i wanted to thank every one of you none the less. following are the awards and the writers who nominated me for them, in no particular order. each is wonderful and unique in their own way, and i hope that you’ll stop by their sites for a visit. many thanks to all of the rest of you who’ve given me the opportunity to read your words, and who’ve taken the time to read and thoughtfully comment on mine.  



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The thankful receiver bears a plentiful harvest. – William Blake