Life is a long lesson in humility – James M. Barrie



it is time at last, to thank my fellow writers for the many awards you have bestowed upon me. these have languished somewhere on the side stage for far too long. i am humbled and honored by your generosity of spirit. not surprisingly, i haven’t followed many of the rules in accepting the awards, but i wanted to thank every one of you none the less. following are the awards and the writers who nominated me for them, in no particular order. each is wonderful and unique in their own way, and i hope that you’ll stop by their sites for a visit. many thanks to all of the rest of you who’ve given me the opportunity to read your words, and who’ve taken the time to read and thoughtfully comment on mine.  



Award Winning Blog Blessed Again

Awesome Blog Content

Best Moments

Blog of the Year

Bouquet of Awards Symphony of Color

Dragon’s Loyalty 

Fantastic Blogger

Inner Peace

Inventive Blogger



Loyal Reader

Most Creative Blogger

Most Influential Blogger

Semper Fidelis

Shauney Award for Blogging Excellence

Shine On

Sisterhood of The  World Blogger


Super Sweet Blogging

The Versatile Blogger

Very Inspiring Blogger

Word Press Family 

and the writers and their sites:  

 writes and photographs her daily adventures using public transportation in montreal

 a smart and funny approach to movies and music and sports and life in syracuse, ny

country music and homespun wisdom

three 40 somethings riffing on life

poetry and tales in the world of nature and fairies

lisa writes with a mind wide open

the world of dating after a certain age

writer and photographer

anne’s journey through life

the story of family and life

writes about life using photos and stories

2 single women’s trip through life

even with his personal struggles he tells about a positive in his approach to the world

 engineer and poet in india who writes about women’s issues

poet and fiction writer

 scientist who writes about life

freelance writer and animal advocate

all about animals, peace, social justice, women’s issues

 insights about life, using art and photos

michael writes about his love of animals and adventures in the world

a brit married to a sicilian, adjusting to life in italy



The thankful receiver bears a plentiful harvest. – William Blake




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    • thanks brenda, and you scared me with that comment ) i’ll begin preparing my thank you for 6 months from now, right away – no, the veggies were not my creation, but i thought they fit well here. )


      • Definitely the veggies fit well. I was going to be mighty impressed with you, if you had done it. It would have taken quite a while to get it just right. I’m still impressed you managed to find the perfect image.

        I always seem to get a rush of new awards the minute I post my gratitude, so over the holidays, for the first time, I went back and added some links and gratitude for new awards where I had already gotten those. I still ended up starting a new award draft anyway, but it’s not as long… LOL And in that gratitude post, I didn’t nominate any one blogger, I invited anyone who wanted one to take one. I didn’t want to give out obligations unless they were really wanted. 🙂 It’s tempting to go to an award-free blog, but I kind of like the interactions…


        • i totally understand and agree, and i am just so bad at formalities and rules, and shy about accolades in general, and not the best with tech, so it’s a perfect storm leading to procrastination. it came time to bite the bullet and offer my gratitude publicly, and so it all came at once and looked even more overwhelming. but, alas, i have done it, and am happy to have done so. it is always such a kind gesture from others. )


    • yes i have, and i liked the pic and thought that you foodies might appreciate the veggies – forget ,’say it with flowers’, the new phrase should be ‘say it with veggies.’


    • thanks mark, i think i’m just out here a lot, and that helps with the math of getting noticed. i’m a bit shy about things like this though, so it makes it hard for me to post about it, but i did it at last. happy you may discover some others you’ll surely enjoy as a result of it ,and i hope some new people begin to read you as well )


      • Beth, it is not just a math equation with your blog. You get noticed because you pick interesting subjects, both quirky and serious. You get noticed because you take good pictures and pick good photos from the wide world. You get noticed because you choose appropriate and interesting quotes to start and end your posts. Please feel free to use my review blurb on your book jacket … Seriously, you are what’s right about blogging about life.


  1. Congrats and thanks for the mention. I am getting little weird & overwhelmed by them. I find that there is just not hours in the day to do all the blogging and Twitter stuff I need to do. I should hire an assistant lol


  2. Wow, congrats on all these awards. I just came acrsoss your blog and am definitely going ot check some more of your writing, even though i’tempted to hop right over to the lvely bloggers hwo nomiated you f or these awards.


  3. Holy moly, awards! Look at you go! I love seeing people get the recognition and appreciation they deserve. Your short daily posts always inspire me and make me think differently about the day. Can’t wait to check out all these other bloggers you listed as well!


  4. You deserved every one of these! I think the way you did this, like a beginning of the year, awards from the last, it made it seem like a ceremony honoring 2013 and all its participants! You did an excellent job on this, thank you for remembering my nomination to you, my dear! Thanks for all the fun you share with us, giving us much to be happy about and laugh at you and with you, our slippery on ice, girlfriend! Hugs, Robin


    • thanks robin, i felt bad, so much time had passed and i wanted to thank everyone publicly, for their kindness. i like your perspective, – an awards show ) happy you are enjoying the fun and i’m loving reading yours as well )


  5. Wow so many awards but hey you deserve them my dear
    friend 🙂 Have a wicked Tuesday and be good, just like me 😉 lol

    Andro xxxx


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