‘Donuts. Is there anything they can’t do?’ – Matt Groening



image credit: wwll vintage gas ration ad

i love my carpool.  there are only two of us, but any more than one living thing in a car at the same time, and i consider it a pool. on most days, we drive together to and from school, in our cars with character –  mine is ‘diablo rojo,’ and m’s is ‘sharfonda.’ driving together has many benefits: not only do we save money on gas, and help preserve a smidgen of the world’s energy supply, but the company is wonderful.

we are very much alike, and talk about everything. and make up poetry and tell stories and laugh and go off on tangents and share philosophies and cry and sing. and get lost occasionally, as neither of us has an innate sense of direction. we compare our students, ‘m’ teaches english and poetry at our high school and i, on the opposite end of the spectrum, teach kindergarten in our lower school. even so, we find that many of our student and family and teaching issues are very similar, and we listen and support each other and offer advice. our drive usually takes us about 45 minutes, if all is well along the way, and we don’t end up in some place we hadn’t planned on.  


but – on some days, things happen. life may be challenging, we are worrying about someone or something, there are issues on the road, there is a tornado watch, a blizzard, a rain squall, or construction events, or we feel like we are driving through a video game, and we have had it, and need some extra support.

we discovered our cure one day, when it had been a particularly challenging drive.  and m suddenly yelled out, ‘quick, turn in! it’s a tim horton’s and we need to go there now!’ i was behind the wheel, and diablo rojo did as requested. as we entered the drive-through we decided that we needed (and deserved), a few ‘tim-bits’ (delicious tiny donut holes), to help us make it the rest of the way and to instantly give us a pick me up.  we quickly scanned the menu options:


10 pack –  1.50    

20 pack –  2.50

40 pack –  4.75

we decided it was a 40 timbits kind of day.

 and we were soon on our way, making up timbit haiku and laughing once again. 


image credit: http://www.newswire.ca

Chef Andrea Nicholson, of Top Chef Canada, with the Tim Hortons Timbits cake she created.

Nearly four feet tall, the cake contains more than 1,500 Timbits.  

for chef andrea, it was a 1,500 timbits kind of day, must have been a tough one.


But friendship is the breathing rose, with sweets in every fold. – Oliver Wendell Holmes





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  1. Yay for Timmies! Thanks for writing and paying homage to our great Canadian legacy, beth. Tim Horton’s restaurants are some of the busiest restaurants in Canada, and have become famous the world over for their excellent coffee and variety of doughnuts, which is the proper Canadian spelling for these tasty morsels of deep fried dough! Tomatoe, tomato, potatoe, potato, doughnut, donut … in the end they all mean the same thing, great food! Enjoyed your post …


    • yes, we share. and will not disclose with how many, exactly. we do have a great time pooling, and that is even before our day officially begins. on the way home, we debrief and wind down for our time back at home once more. perhaps we will make a little book of our pool poetry, i’m sure it would be amusing.


  2. I won’t tell you how doughnuts are made in naughty land but I certainly enjoyed this posting Beth, actually I could just eat some jam doughnuts about now 🙂 Mmmmm Have a wicked and exciting Tuesday my dear and sweet friend 🙂

    Andro xxxx


  3. I need to institute a rule like that for my long commutes home. If I get delayed by more than ten minutes that means I get to step and grab… well, the problem is getting off the freeway and then trying to get back on… I’m not sure there’s much that would entice me to do that. And once I’m off and on surface streets there is nothing but farm land for 10 miles until I make it home. Sadly, this pick-me-up won’t work for me.
    I guess I’ll just have to keep a stash of donuts in my car at all times! Problem solved. 😀


  4. Oh dear. This is not what I needed to see today. lol!! (Back to my carrot sticks)
    But seriously, that’s so nice that you have someone to share these experiences in an otherwise dull journey…. and someone to share those donuts with….:::::sigh:::::


  5. Not only do you save gas (so economical) and ecological, you have a blast! I think that the price of the bigger package just cried out to you 2! Plus, as you pointed out, it was a Tim-bits’ kind of day! I used to drive to my school 45 minutes, too, but no one lived down in Delaware! This is a good partnership!


  6. timbits it is, then. 40 was a great call. Love all of your posts, so hoping you’ll accept a standing Like from me on all as I never get around to all of them. But I love the way you look at life and the things you share. Thanks for your openness!


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