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bella ella.


Ella Fitzgerald, born April 25, 1917, in Newport News, Virginia.

this photo, by Annie Leibovitz, was one of Ella’s favorites.

happy birthday to Ella, the queen of jazz.


 ‘one chord is fine.

two chords are pushing it.

three chords and you’re into jazz.”

-lou reed







credits: photo-annie leibovitz, wemu radio






miles davis quartet, newport jazz festival, 1955

in honor of international jazz day

never stop taking those risks

and play on.

“risk is at the heart of jazz. every note we play is a risk.”

-steve lacy



image credit: vintage industrial jazz

dreamin’ on this sunday morning.


listen to the aerosmith rock classic “dream on” as you’ve never heard it before

as morgan james belts it out – jazz style.



credits: postmodern jukebox, morgan james