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celebration, at long last.


( festive artwork that was a precursor to the night’s joyful celebration)

seeing this painting upon entering the room

where my dear friend

finally had the chance

to have the wedding she’d always wanted

delayed by two long years of pandemic

i knew it would be a memorable celebration

 that really lived up to the artist’s vision

and then some.

“all great celebrations break away from the mundane.” 

-jessica marie baumgartner

Romance is the icing, but love is the cake. – Anonymous



out on a hike around the lake with the kinders,

and a is walking back with c, close by her side. 

a tells me, ‘he says he wants to marry me.’

i ask, ‘do you want to marry him?’

 a says, ‘yes.’

then a says to c,

‘and i will always sleep when you sleep.

and we could go to the park together.

and we can get ice cream.’

c says, ‘okay.’

as we all walk on, i think about how wise a is with regard to marriage.

if we always sleep when the other sleeps, go to the park together, and get ice cream, 

we might have many happy marriages.