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power down.


a lovely ladies’ weekend spent with friends at the lake house

 with a long hike through the winter woods

  wonderful comfort foods and wine to share

warm blankets, pajamas, slippers

long discussions

on one thing leading to another

ranging from

our favorite cutlery (i prefer small pieces)

to our grown children (we do the best we can)

to humor (what’s funny to one…)

to politics, the state of the world, and more

(each with our own perspectives, experiences, and ideas)

no subject off limits 

then spoiling ourselves with magic spa treatments

so relaxing and so powerful in so many ways.

“i feel like i’m a super hero diva and my power is glitter.”


deer season is open


aussie grandson m rests peacefully in the states, far away from the sharks, snakes, spiders, puffer fish, and a myriad of super venomous creatures from the animal kingdom down under. never imagining he is under the watchful eye of a woodland deer –


The best proof of love is trust.

Joyce Brothers