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spin cycle.


*news about the cycle of life

saparmurat niyazov, president of turkmenistan, made a decree that divides life into 12-year cycles.

the decree says that childhood lasts until age 12, adolescence to 25, and youthfulness until 37.

the next 12-year cycles are divided into periods labeled – mature, prophetic, inspirational and wise.

old age begins at age 85.

hit 97 and enter a period named for oguzkhan, considered the founder of the turkmen nation, who died at 109.

* this cycle only applies to people in turkmenistan. 

(apparently the rest of us are on our own to spin through life’s cycles as best we can.)

“mistakes are the usual bridge between inexperience and wisdom.”

-phyllis theroux

credits: cbslocal.com, edogawa natural zoo – tokyo