this is know (now) about nashville.



1. the bullets & mullets store

2. cowboy church

3. dukes of hazard museum

4. goo goo clusters

5. honky tonks

6. live radio shows

7. southern stack breakfast – slow smoked pulled pork, sweet potato pancakes, fried apples, fried egg, home fries (pile it up, pour syrup on top, and go)

8. everything tastes better in a mason jar

9. full sized replica of the parthenon in the middle of a city park

10. washtub, washboard, spoons and other random household items band

11. mosey-ing is a speed you amble through life with

12. speak-easy’s still exist 

 each of these are part of life there and i love them all.


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  1. This is why we travel.
    That sounds like a fantastic trip. And, with your new musical knowledge, you can start one hoppin; stompin’ rhythm band in your classroom. Who will audition for first chair washboard??


  2. Ha! All of these things look awesome! I’ve only been to Knoxville, but I was a huge fan. Eating dinner outside, fried green tomatoes, and seeing fireflies for the first time in real life (not Disney cartoons). It’s got a special place in my heart.


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