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this is know (now) about nashville.



1. the bullets & mullets store

2. cowboy church

3. dukes of hazard museum

4. goo goo clusters

5. honky tonks

6. live radio shows

7. southern stack breakfast – slow smoked pulled pork, sweet potato pancakes, fried apples, fried egg, home fries (pile it up, pour syrup on top, and go)

8. everything tastes better in a mason jar

9. full sized replica of the parthenon in the middle of a city park

10. washtub, washboard, spoons and other random household items band

11. mosey-ing is a speed you amble through life with

12. speak-easy’s still exist 

 each of these are part of life there and i love them all.


when in doubt, fly south.



no, this is not another johnny cochran quote from that infamous trial, it is my motto for the day. another day, another day towards restoring my health. i’ve decided to go ahead and go on a long weekend getaway with my longtime girlfriends to the music friendly city of nashville, meds in tow, and super bugs be damned. i see this adventure as a sure to get well cure. i’ll keep you posted )