belinda – this one’s for you (the travel project)


bringing my world to you – ann arbor, mi, usaImage



a little bit friendly city, a little bit beautiful country


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    • belinda – i love it all, and i do walk this trail, it’s located in the nichols arboretum, the most beautiful park around, located in the heart of the city. ann arbor is named for the 2 founders’ wives, both named ann, and the huge amount of trees and parks in the city. the best antique store in the city is called treasure mart and it is a jewel. the university of michigan is located here, with the largest research hospital in the u.s., perhaps they can help you one day. the population is very diverse, welcoming, warm, and liberal. population is around 120,000 and the city is filled with interesting little shops, bookstores, and people. there is always a festival, protest or parade going on, it is full of life and i’m happy to bring it to you. i hope this is a wonderful journey for you – best, beth


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