the toddle of shame: the morning after.



as part of our fun day in the city, we took the babies to bill’s beergarten – local german-style social gathering spot, outside, and right in the hub of town. while there, they fully embraced the spirit of the environment.


looking back, things must have been way too fun, as i got a call to pick up some things we’d left behind. nothing like the feeling the morning after, as i humbly returned to the scene to pick up my grandson’s sippy cup and bag of baby things.  

now there’s a life lesson from your grandmother. 



james – loyal and understanding employee of bill’s beergarten, (and advocate of the “what happens at bill’s, stays at bill’s” policy),  returns the goods with a laugh and a kind word.


I love the smell of juice boxes in the morning.  – Robert Duvall


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    • yes, it’s great. it’s connected to a little area of interesting and delicious food carts that he also owns, and the food is able to travel to the beer side. good for everyone involved )


    • ty and i do think we’ve had many similar experiences in life. i really have no shame about it at all, just found it funny having to return to a bar for a child’s sippy cup )


  1. This reminds me of something that was forgotten one night. A gang of us girls were away for one night and had as you can imagine a good night. The next day one of the girls was in a state. She was the president of the society who had the dance the night before. She was missing her (extremely large) chain of office and a 150 year old historic (very large) bell. We couldn’t believe it. We went shamefully back to the scene of the crime but no joy. We went into the hotel and they offered to go through the CCTV. We all shouted “no” as we had no wish to witness our leaving the night before ( we were last to leave). Thankfully she eventually found them, they had been put into the wrong car and handed in! So I do get the “walk of shame”.

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  2. The toddle of shame – how cute is that title and James what a sweety for being so obliging and keeping the secrets safe. I smiled through this Beth. We have little beer gardens at back of Pubs or as full pubs in Melbourne, with large gardens to sit under trees in summer and enjoy good food and company and …beer. You performed your duties well as a grandmother – pats you on the back (and there has been many a time) when I have forgotten something from the night before, usually it was to bring my ‘controlled – only have one or two ‘ self. 🙂 x


  3. Love your Morning After post – so funny. I’m not a grandma yet, (& you seem too young to be) but when our kids were young, my girlfriend & I used to tell our kids to meet us after school at a local pub cuz parking was way too crazy around the school!


  4. I am thinking you are LYING! OMG….you are wayyyy too not grandma looking to me! I am thinking you had little ones when you were negative 5 or something *grins*

    Seriously though … I want to know what happened the night before!


    • ’tis all true katie – i’m a grandmother to 6 under 6. yes, i think i was 4 when if gave birth to my first daughter ) nothing untoward went on at bill’s – just had to hit the road when the littles hit the wall )


  5. always enjoy your posts! Wondering how I can suscribe to get notices directly to email. I am so bad about going through the WordPress reader and always miss your posts 😦 Is there a button I’m missing?


    • liz, i am probably the worst tech person on the planet, but i’ll make a stab at it. someone told me that had to ‘unfollow’ and then re ‘follow’ to start the process again. make a comment and hit the 2 boxes at the bottom, ‘notify me’ and ‘send me new posts’. another option, i could link you to my facebook page that i also post my blog on. let me know how i can help ) thanks ) b


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