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out of the nest.


stepped out of my comfort zone

and into the woods

in a park i’d never visited

with a group of people i’d never met

to share a scavenger hunt/hike/game night/food/campfire/improv haiku experience

what we had in common was that we all enjoy active social adventures

without knowing how they will go

and sometimes those are the best times of all.

“to be fully alive, fully human, and completely awake is to be continually thrown out of the nest.”

-pema chodron

the toddle of shame: the morning after.



as part of our fun day in the city, we took the babies to bill’s beergarten – local german-style social gathering spot, outside, and right in the hub of town. while there, they fully embraced the spirit of the environment.


looking back, things must have been way too fun, as i got a call to pick up some things we’d left behind. nothing like the feeling the morning after, as i humbly returned to the scene to pick up my grandson’s sippy cup and bag of baby things.  

now there’s a life lesson from your grandmother. 



james – loyal and understanding employee of bill’s beergarten, (and advocate of the “what happens at bill’s, stays at bill’s” policy),  returns the goods with a laugh and a kind word.


I love the smell of juice boxes in the morning.  – Robert Duvall