out of the nest.


stepped out of my comfort zone

and into the woods

in a park i’d never visited

with a group of people i’d never met

to share a scavenger hunt/hike/game night/food/campfire/improv haiku experience

what we had in common was that we all enjoy active social adventures

without knowing how they will go

and sometimes those are the best times of all.

“to be fully alive, fully human, and completely awake is to be continually thrown out of the nest.”

-pema chodron

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  1. Comfort Zone

    We have disappointments in our own little world of self-belief
    They come as unexpected reality shocks, like an ocean’s hidden reef
    And we suddenly find ourselves in deep waters out of our depth
    Beyond the imaginary comfort zone of our own homely wealth

    A beach is truly a place where people can blend into equality
    Of relaxing warm sand, and cool waters, and feel at peace with life’s frivolity
    Without others taking any notice of your own concealed inabilities
    As the sun’s universal energy unites your abstract personalities   

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  2. Sounds a bit like the chuckwagon rides I went on as a kid on vacation — rode a horse for an hour before arriving at the campsite to enjoy dinner, conversation, and songs around a big campfire. Adults arrived by car before the riders got there, so dinner and the fire were already set up. Great memories.

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  3. Love this. (But) I already have so many adventures ahead of me at all times with ppl I KNOW that I couldn’t imagine doing that as well with unknown ppl. Bit what a great thing to plan, super quote too.

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