if you tent it, they will come.


all it takes is a few balloons, a length of police tape, local radio, a pop of color, and of course, a tent. people love a reason to flock together and create a festival out of most anything.  


while stopping by my local grocery to pick up a few items, i once again found myself sucked into one of their parking lot extravaganzas. this time we were celebrating our state in all of it’s food and drink glory. combine watermelons, wine, granola, coffee, tortillas, and coupons and you have a state worthy of celebration. my check-out girl was absolutely giddy, anticipating her upcoming shift outside at the festival. embrace the cherries and jump on in!


Let the tent be struck.  – Robert E. Lee


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  1. I always enjoy looking on these kinds of stalls, and especially
    when there is something yummy to eat, wow I hope there were
    some chocolates and sweets in there somewhere 🙂 😉

    Andro xxx


  2. Looks like a great time. I wish a store by me would do that. I do love a good festival or farmer’s market. There is nothing like summertime to find all kinds of goodies!


  3. It always makes life fun when there are tents and food! I think your great mind and mine should collaborate sometime! Congrats for being a wonderful sister in thoughts! Also, I would like more treats


  4. I love it, especially your description of the giddy clerk. A couple of months ago I stopped in to my local WF’s to grab a bite of lunch and stumbled on the State Butcher Competition. I was mesmerized for an hour and ended up buying one of the cuts that came from the competition!


    • i know, it is such a phenomenon that these mini-events just draw you in, there is always something charming or interesting about them. that is so funny that you bought the meat, why am in not surprised ? beth


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