breakfast jam


looking back at my week and remembering how it started out, with a literal standstill. almost to work, just a few miles away, and traffic ground to a dead halt. all lanes full, no one moving an inch. switched from cd to radio and heard power lines were down across this busy road due to overnight storm, and that the road was closed less than one mile ahead. numerous warnings to avoid this road at any cost. too late. stuck in the middle of it all. any traffic trying to go through would be diverted to do a u-turn and headed back in the opposite direction. nowhere for me to turn off as just offices and businesses on my side, until i could get to the next mile road. 

settled in for a bit of a wait, texted my teaching partners, and just watched it unfold around me. the diverted traffic began to back up going in the other direction, emergency vehicles tried to get through, to rescue people somehow getting into accidents going 3 mph. perhaps not letting each other into their lane? watched people in other cars, most on cells, out of cars trying to see what was going on ahead, listening to music, coming up with strategies, calling into work and wherever they needed to be, trying to move to the ‘best lane.’ people walked by, moving faster than the traffic. 

saw a helicopter arrive overhead, people jockeyed for position, cars continued to crawl ahead and up and over. finally got close to the next mile road where i could turn, saw a firetruck pulled all the way across the road ahead of me. 1 mile of distance had equaled 1 hour of time. made my move, made my turn, oops – that road was closed for construction. determined. followed a rogue line of cars through a neighborhood, somehow emerged on the other side of it all, back on my original busy road i needed to be on, got back on track to where i was going, looked to my left, saw a full moon. 


Americans will put up with anything provided it doesn’t block traffic. – Dan Rather


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  1. Those traffic jams are a real pain, all you can do is switch off the engine and wait, but what a traumatic time it can be when one needs to be somewhere 😦 I love your interpretation of the jam using Dinky toys and the like, it looks brilliant 🙂

    Have a jam-less weekend with lots of love and hugs 🙂

    Andro xxxx


  2. at least you knew of a reason for the hold up

    it really winds me up when I’m stuck in a queue of traffic that isn’t moving anywhere – then when it does start moving normally again, there’s no apparent reason why 3 lanes of traffic were at a standstill for so long – no road words, no sign of any accident, no broken down vehicle, nothing



  3. In my village where it’s possibly one car an hour (during rush hour) passing through, then he stops in the middle of the road to chat to a walking villager, so sometimes I have to wait many minutes till he moves on to talk to another villager. It can take ages to get out of the village sometimes 😀 xox


  4. I have been stuck in so much traffic, watching minutes and hours of life tick by.
    Beyond frustration!! One time it took me 5 hours to go 50 miles. I would have tried to find a way to get out of the traffic IF I could have moved. But I was totally and completely STUCK.
    I have had nightmares about traffic…..

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