crashing into kindness



 with the day’s sudden onset of a 7 minute mini white-out,  a few slick portions appeared on the local roads. soon after this winter-tease display tossed out by mother nature, i happened to encounter one of these slick spots firsthand. it was on a little bridge leading back from the library towards my cottage.  

‘black ice’ is a phenomenon known to those in the northern climates – innocent looking, shiny, invisible, traction-less, and extraordinarily slippery. this was the day that black ice and i crossed paths on the bridge, and as i tried to brake, my car continued to move forward, and i slammed smack into the car stopped right in front of me. 

after the crash, we drove ahead and popped out of our cars to assess the damage.  i was happily surprised to find that we were both fine, and that our cars had somehow each suffered nothing more than a scratch on our bumpers. 

the extraordinary surprise came when i soon realized that i had smashed into one of the happiest, friendliest, people on the planet. he was smiling, and kind, and calm, said he was happy nothing bad had happened, he understood why it happened, and that it had happened to him before.  i apologized profusely and he shook his head telling me not worry about it at all. 

he gave me his card, and as we talked, i found that we both work with young children. he, working with children in the foster care system, pursuing a masters in social work to continue helping in that field, and me, with my kinders, trying to teach them about life. he told me to keep in touch, that we may be able to help the children in some way, or who knows?  it was just like crashing into santa claus in his sleigh. and with a jolly chuckle and a wave goodbye, we were both off on our way once again, and felt somehow better for having met. 


The ideal man bears the accidents of life with dignity and grace, making the best of circumstances  – Aristotle

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  1. how this has made me smile – firstly that you are ok, that the cars in question don’t need costly repairs and that you may have met… well let us hope…. 🙂 Christmas has arrived early this year it seems – do keep us posted .:-) xxx


  2. Sometimes, an “uh-oh” moment has a way of transforming into something beautiful, doesn’t it ;-)? Who knows, maybe Providence has a bigger plan in the works for you two! Glad all turned out well in the situation. Beautiful quote from Aristotle.


  3. Ugh, a crash. But how choice! I’ve never gotten on so breezy with someone after a crash!

    Love the Aristotle quote. So so well said.


  4. I’ve also heard in the Adelaide Hills a phenomenon called ‘black frost’ where all the affected vegetation is burnt black instead of the far more common white frost


  5. Life is like that sometimes, on the outset of something quite alarming we think the day has taken a swan dive and then suddenly out of the blue there is a refreshing edge to it 🙂 I am pleased that your mishap turned into something wonderful my sweet friend 🙂 🙂

    Andro xxxx


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