blading, gliding – slipping, sliding



it was a morning spent with the kindergarten on an ice skating adventure. filled with tip-toeing on skates, scooting on boots, giving rides on cones, running on ice, holding hands, tumbling, crashing, laughing, noses running. 



and all this, as our little hockey playing and figure skating kinders skate on by.



when it’s time to warm up with hot cocoa and donuts, they find themselves on equal ground, and they are all exhausted and so happy. and then, even our hockey players cry when it is time for moms and dads to leave, and for us to return to the cozy comfort of the circle rug in our classroom once more. and some of us feel newly discovered muscles in their legs the next day, that are apparently never used in this way, and take it real slow when going down the stairs. 

I would say my sense of adventure outweighs my grace – Kathy Ireland


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  1. That one little dude you caught in the moment … future Chris Chelios! Great form, Kinder Skater. When my daughter was this age, she wanted to be like all the Colgate University hockey players we watched with our season tickets. Saturday mornings, learn-to-skate at the very same rink, she loved it. She went quickly from pushing around the chair on the ice to skating way better than I ever could. (I am an ankle skater.) Thanks for bringing back the memories of almost two decades ago, Beth. And careful on those stairs today, my sore-muscled friend.


  2. ksBeth–you describe childhood and its wonders with such verisimilitude. It’s a walk thru the Ten Acre Woods when I schtop in, and it’s “story-time”…thanks for Regress–the adult version of Recess maybe…;) my absolute favorite time of…well…life…:)

    Though I like the hockey stories, too!!


    • thanks so much sophie, happy you enjoyed it and my readership has grown slowly and by a few at a time over a year and a half, to a number somewhere more than my age now )


  3. Cute 🙂 my legs feel the same ( ad will be worse tomorrow) after 6 hours of smashing and lifting up ceramic tiles from chicken wire and concrete 😦 x I can ice skate but cant ski or roller skate…though then again I used to..perhaps not these days.


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