when life gives you eggs, turn them into mimosas



     it was the worst easter ever, that somehow turned into one of my best and most memorable. back in my cocktail waitress/student days, the owner of our bar decided we should be open and all work on easter. well all, except for him. he was not known for his people skills and did not care that we each had people who we’d rather be spending the holidays with waiting at home, or that no one was going to set foot in our bar on easter.

     after a couple of hours went by, with absolutely no customers of course, and hanging out and talking about how much we despised the owner for forcing us to do this, we decided to take matters into our own hands. the cook made up a mini buffet for us,  we whipped up a batch of mimosas, and headed to our upstairs balcony room, where we’d have a view of the door if anyone happened to actually wander in.


     our d.j. put on music,

(you never know who will stop in on easter morning for a dance, so of course it was mandatory that he worked too),

turned on the tv, took off our shoes, sat around a  big table, played poker,

and watched the ten commandments together.


we ate, and drank, and talked, and laughed, and figured the movie was our spiritual experience for the day.


and moses looked down at us from the mountain as we upped the ante and raised a glass to him.

and i think we broke a lot of his commandments.

now that, is an easter.


Time for work – yet take much holiday for art’s and friendship’s sake

                                                                                                                              George De Wilde 

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  1. we ate, and drank, and talked, and laughed . . . and i think we broke a lot of his commandments

    Good on you !

    That Moses was a bit of a party pooper, wasn’t he? 😆


  2. a longtime bartender–I have been in your shoes! There are ways to make that day egg-stra special…no matter what the Man says…(dang–now I am thinking of that song) Great title for this fun post–Happy Easter, ksbeth.


  3. I remember the days when Mecca would actually close for Easter… that never stopped the customers from showing up in droves at our normal opening time of 7 AM on Easter morning (right as my overnight crew was getting off) hoping for a chance to so some last last last minute shopping. I would laugh at their frustration over our unmitigated gall to close for a major holiday. Now, they can do all the shopping they want at Mecca on Easter Sunday…. and believe me, they do. Happy Easter!


  4. HA ! I think its okay for me to laugh out loud at your post, and I am going to believe that you won’t be offended by that. Has anyone made mention of how cool it is, your mix of images with your words? The image of the folks sitting around the poker table … But, I like someone’s expression above that I read, “Bunny killer” … Yeah, a business owner making employees work on an Easter, while he is off somewhere … Wasn’t it the Lion in the Wizard of OZ that said something like “Let me at him! Let me at him!” Okay, your final words will be my final words: “and moses looked down … from the mountain as we upped the ante and raised a glass to him … and i think we broke a lot of his commandments … now that, is an easter.”


  5. This was a great story and I am amazed at the variety of ways you enjoyed Easter that year! Wow! Drinking, dancing and the Ten Commandments, a toast with mimosas to the holiday! Wish they all could be so fun!


  6. That was funny. Glad the chef was on board and that all of you were on the same page … that way you could all enjoy the Ten Commandments and eat and drink and get paid for it 🙂


  7. Sounds like the best Easter ever, really. I’m pretty sure that when the rock was rolled away, all those years ago, some Skrillex would have been completely apropos. 🙂


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