a child can ask questions that a wise man cannot answer. ~author unknown



how many minnows are in there?

what’s that thing?

is that place far away?

how many different colors are in there?

where did the sun go?

why is that bigger than my head?

who’s turn is it?

sittin’ on a dock on a bay…..


on glen lake up north in michigan

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  1. Oh I love this! My father use to tell me all the time that I could think up more questions than any other kid he knew… LOL. Now my husband says the same thing to me… “Why do you always ask so many questions”… LOL ❤


  2. And if you ask young children why this or that happens….they come up with the most amazing answers!
    When I asked a group of preschoolers why the sun doesn’t fall out of the sky….one told me that it is glued up there. Then another quickly said, “No way! The sun is hot, the glue would melt, and the sun would slide right off.” He concluded with: “That’s why God used nails and staples.”


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