too many cooks make a fine soup


how do

a dozen adults plus teenagers, toddlers, babies and dogs

all in one kitchen

end up with a perfect meal?


m and j actively working on their teamwork skills

as the fine web

of family connections

spins and grows

the communal vacation kitchen

thrives and glows.


“in the long history of humankind…

those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed.”

~ charles darwin

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  1. Oh, I think the tall man looks like an Aussie! I love the idea of the little hen story, being included, Beth! Also, collaboration in the kitchen is such a lively, fun and wonderful way to join members of the family!


  2. Reminds me of the story where there were two groups of people at a feast and only had longs spoons to eat. The first group fought as they could not eat choosing only to think of themselves. The second group laughed in delight in feeding each other.


  3. ha, far from spoiling it, in my experience, a lot of cooks makes for a fine broth – literally

    once a year, myself and around 60-70 other Scots (all men, no women) now living in this part of England get together to celebrate our scottishness

    we drink lots of beer and whisky and get very, very drunk

    we entertain each other by doing a ‘turn’ – the musicians amongst us play their instruments, the singers sing songs, the storytellers tell stories, and the comedians tell jokes

    and the cooks amongst us prepare a meal

    the 1st course is always broth

    6 or 7 men prepare a broth to their own recipe and bring it along on the night

    these are then mixed together in one giant catering-sized pan and, despite the different ingredients, condiments, spices, etc, the resultant ‘super-broth’ always has folk clamouring for 2nds (and 3rds)

    if something is prepared from a feeling of love and fellowship – there can never be too many cook !


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