the smallest feline is a masterpiece. – leonardo da vinci



and we have added to our family once again.

this handsome fellow,

a flyweight

weighing in at just 8 pounds

and 8 years old

has lived a hard life

first on his own


on the mean streets

with scars, and cuts, and ruffled fur

then with a family

who may not have fully appreciated his charms

and he was sent away

to spend his days in a small cage

ย with nothing but an uncertain future

and a short timeline ahead

but he has persevered

against all odds.

and when we walked into the shelter

and he reached


a tiny ginger paw

out of his cell

to wave to us

and called out

with a little voice

we knew

he had been waiting a long time

to meet us

just as

we had been waiting a long time

to meet him.


and when

we carried him into the cottage


was instantly transformed


the most affectionate and gentle cat

we have ever met

and knew that he was home at last.


(he hasย been lovingly named nacho, and he is the furry one with the orange hair.)

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  1. I’m not a cat person, but this is such a wonderful thing you have done. Too many purchase animals that most of the time come from factories. Going to a shelter to save the life of Nacho’ so beautiful Beth. I’m sure he will give as much love to your family as you will you him. Well done on saving a life and sharing xx

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  2. What a lovely story, he must be thrilled to have you and your family around him, to be loved and cuddled after such a hard journey. He will have lots of time yet, hopefully another seven or eight years with a family of loving ways, it’s always nice to adopt a pet, to give it a chance to be wanted and cared for properly ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for giving him a home, he deserves it…

    Andro xxxx


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  4. it is said that dogs are a man’s animal and cats are for women, But love cats. I used to have a cat that would sleep on the pile of blank paper when I was writing. This was before computers. When I pulled a sheet out of the typewriter he would wake up and move aside until I had fed the next sheet in and the go back to sleeping on the pile of blank paper.
    Thanks for letting me know you liked “Desperate Voyage – 1” on
    Thanks again and Aloha – pjs.


  5. I’m teary, too. I cannot resist a kitty’s reach. Especially the little waving reaches, trying to grab, trying to get attention. Gets me every time.

    I had a ginger kitty once. His name was Queso. It seems we think alike.


  6. I am so in awe of the way you take on life, Beth! You are one of the most giving people I know! This is a treasured story, you will need to print this, for the kids to look at over and over again. Once he was ‘lost’ and now he is ‘found,’ to be loved by all! Oh, how I adore the photo of the grandchild with the cat, Nacho, with the window there, so awesome!


  7. What a beautiful tail..I mean tale. I love the part about Nacho’s previous struggles, and how he connected with you at the shelter. He is home now. Nice job, Beth. ๐Ÿ™‚


  8. There is nothing like a cat purring. My boy “Yo Yo” is laying next to me right now.. he is around 11 years old. Rescued him as a kitten from the shelter I volunteered at.


  9. We just took in a gray, stray kitten. Extremely naughty, but loveable. Her fellow stray–a big, mellow orange tabby–will come in to eat and spend the day, but won’t stay.He’s been a wanderer for too long, but he’s always welcome.


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