i feel like i am diagonally parked in a parallel universe. ~author unknown



the email came


how many miles

i had on my car

 they were spot on

within 200 miles

inviting me in

for an oil change

a winterizing

a check up


would you like coffee

will you need wi-fi

a ride home

a loaner


spend time here with us

while we

pamper your car

and you


i was half expecting

 a massage

 a mani/pedi

i took

the earliest appointment

on my day off

with plans

to head off

to do all the things

i’d been wanting to do

i drove up


the door opened for my car

welcoming me in

to the dealership

with a warm embrace

and they asked what they could do

 took me to the comforting area to wait

gave me coffee








cushiony chairs


the company of just one other

pampered customer

a man of about my age

and we each

went about our morning

waiting in comfort


they realized

his car

was going to take too long

 so he took a rental


headed out

  half an hour


 the service advisor


 knelt down by my chair

i felt

there was possibly

a bit of bad news coming



i don’t know how this happened

 i looked at her

as she said

that man

who was sitting here with you

has just left with your keys

 we don’t know why

this has never happened


in the history

of our dealership


we can’t

get ahold of him

i’m so sorry

we’re not sure

why he’d take your keys

since he was taking a rental

 even if

he thought those were his keys

we’d need them to work on his car

that he left behind


we just can’t understand it

we apologize

we can drive you

all of the places you need to go


give you a loaner


when we get your keys back

 we will

we’ll deliver your car

with your keys

to your house


you can wait a bit


see what happens

with more coffee

i chose

the waiting option


i do enjoy my subaru family

but really didn’t want to

spend the whole day with them

 doing errands

having lunch


i wanted to see

what would happen


he was not answering

his phone

his email

the texts

i wanted

to know

his story

 i imagined him

working out with at my gym

using the id on my keys

then at my house

dancing with nacho the cat and his cat friends

daily mail.co.uk


drinking a glass of my pinot noir

 reading my magazines

listening to my music

while taking a bubble bath

in my tub

getty images


they came in again

 said they still

couldn’t reach him

do you want to wait


more coffee

more comfort

 a while later

he called

 said he had no idea

why he took the keys


he didn’t

want to see me


apologized profusely


came back


they pulled up my car at last


all free service


thank you’s


being understanding

no explanation


the wish for a good day

and i was off

once again


would the tub be drained

when i finally got home?


one cannot plan for the unexpected.
– aaron klug

images courtesy of: google images

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  1. Whoa, you are very laid back Beth. I wouldn’t have been so understanding.Of course, if i had been the dealer, i wouldn’t have told you either. I’d’ve explained it would take longer than expected (which is true) and give you a loaner with free delivery on yours when ready.

    You’re a good customer Beth..

    Liked by 1 person

  2. How strange that your keys were even available withing the other gent’s reach.

    I once had a gent change my car tire… he found out my number and called me at home.
    kind of creepy. But since I was moving soon, I didn’t worry too much. At least he didn’t have my keys.

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  3. I have a saying, “Life is a joke, laugh at it.” Well anyway, I can’t laugh at the fact that you always seem to tell me you like my latest excerpt post I and I want to thank you profusely and with no joking about it, that I can’t thank you enough. – Thank you, THANK YOU etc. and Aloha – pjs.


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  5. Beth, I am not sure why I didn’t comment the first time. I must have read this and was ready to push, “post comment” and alas, time had run out…?

    Anyway, Mark B. sent us over here to re-read your car waiting post, with the mix-up with keys. I wish I had been there at the return of my car, no answers given to what had happened to the guy!

    I would have been nosy, asking, “Why did the keys just come back, how did the connection get reconnected or how did you finally reach the man who took my keys?” or some such ‘nonsense!’ I laughed at your situation, (sorry) and I also felt bad for you, sometimes things tend to be ‘go with the flow’ with you. I admire this trait of yours! You are definitely a very nice woman, Beth! You didn’t even ask for any kind of ‘comps’ or …?
    Your imagination gone wild with the man using your keys to go to your gym, home and funny ways he used your ‘stuff’ and dancing with Nacho: you made me laugh and laugh at this stranger in your house. Definitely this should have been Freshly Pressed!

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  6. If we really did slip into slightly different parallel universes, it would explain a lot. Books I could swear had things I remember but can’t find again. One time in college I was certain my class was on the third floor but everyone swore had always been on the second. The election of Trump meaning we’ve always been living in the universe with a bearded Spock.

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