i’m not quite sure how, but i’m quite sure it somehow happened.


in the end, that turtle’s (or terrapin, as some prefer), hard shell refused to let a wolverine break through, and hung on for the victory in our recent matchup here in my very own hometown of ann arbor.


as promised in my wager with fellow blogger, a man who writes about sports and entertainment, rival and friend, mark b. – here is the fight song of the winner in the battle between my michigan wolverines and his maryland terrapins.  you may not recognize me as the singer, but i like to surprise, just like those terrapins. what say you, mark b.?

here is the link to mark b’s always entertaining blog, even when he has won and is gloating…

and congrats to you and your turtles, mark. well-played.

University of Maryland
Fight Song

Fight, fight, fight for Maryland,
Honor now Her name again,
Push up the score, keep on fighting for more,
For Maryland, GO TERPS!
And we will fight, fight, fight for terrapins,
Keep on fighting ’till we win.
So sing out our song as we go marching along,
To victory!!!

Words and music by Ralph Davis, Class of 1941
copyright 1941

by the University of Maryland Student Government Association

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  2. Well, up here in Lansing, the Spartans beat my alma mater of Rutgers by a score that suggests maybe Rutgers forgot to show up, or went to Ann Arbor by mistake or something. I’m fine with that, because I went to Rutgers, so there’s really no reason to feel much of anything about their football prowess.

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  3. I will say I am neutral and will be loved and appreciated for this position! ha ha! I would not wish you to be sad or feel like your team was losing.
    On a side note, your Michigan team player was kind to ours who had a big leg or foot accidental injury! (A pile up, he went over and patted his shoulder and said a kind word to him…) smiles!

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