fame is a series of misunderstandings surrounding a name. – joni mitchell



 i’ve been wondering.


greenland and iceland


mixed up in the naming process?

was the paperwork confusing?

did no one

catch the error until it was too late?

did someone

not have their glasses on?

was there a translation issue?

why did they not fix it ?

 my theory is

that it would have been

too expensive and too much bother

to change all of the logos on the cocktail napkins

once they had already been printed.


image credits: dailyenglish.in.th


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  1. If I remember correctly, Iceland was named Iceland in order to keep outsiders away – no one wants to go to a place full of ice, right? – and Greenland was named Greenland in order to attract settlers. I suppose when all one had to go on was word of mouth, such deception could be pretty effective. However, your cocktail logo theory is an intriguing one. 😉

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  2. This is on par with the whole driveway/parkway thing. You park on a driveway, park on a driveway. It also reminded me of that person who said, “Why didn’t they just call the seahorse carrying the babies the female?” Why make that the male?

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  3. The story I heard in Iceland was that this was very deliberate. They originally survived on their cod fishing industry and it was the Icelanders who named both countries. In an attempt to discourage others from over-running Iceland (greener) and diminishing their cod, they named these land-bodies to get others to pass Iceland by in order to get to the more promisingly-named Greenland.


  4. I think you’re right, either that, or the people who did the naming were just having a good laugh. Then again, if they were politicians they may have just been plain crazy and not been aware enough to tell the difference.

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