01 700 Posts Published 

as of today

looks like i share this special number with some very diverse company:

fireworks, guns, comedians, romantic skeletons,

piles of poop,

knights, and the religious right

who could ask for more?

700 AD Chinese Invent Gunpowder

The Chinese combined saltpeter, sulpher, and carbon to create gun powder. The Chinese used gun powder primarily for fireworks.

700-Year-Old Skeletons Found Holding Hands –

For one medieval couple, “till death do us part” wasn’t nearly long enough. A team of archeologists excavating the Chapel of St. Morrell in England’s Leicestershire County recently discovered two skeletons buried with their arms entwined. Believed to be a destination for pilgrims in the 14th century, the chapel was “lost” for centuries before being rediscovered by a local historian.

Barrels of 700-year-old poop found in Denmark –

Archaeologists excavating I. Vilhelm Werners Square in Hans Christian Andersen’s hometown of Odense, Denmark, are delighted to have found barrels full of medieval excrement. Poop is a boon to modern archaeology because it can tell us more about the daily lives of past people than golden treasures, and this particular poop is very well preserved thanks to having been buried in an oxygen-poor environment.
700-Year-Old William Wallace Letter Finally Reaches Scotland

Few traces remain of Scottish hero William Wallace, the medieval knight who fought against English oppression until his 1305 execution and later inspired the 1995 blockbuster “Braveheart.” Now, after spending the last seven centuries in England, one of two surviving documents associated with the legendary warrior will go on display this August at the Scottish Parliament.

The Remington 700 –
When Remington introduced the Model 700 in 1962, advertising it as “the world’s strongest bolt action,” sales were swift and immediate. Its good looks, light recoil, and strong accuracy for the money, combined with Winchester’s move to a push-feed action in 1964, put the 700 on a path to dominance.

700 Sundays (2014) –

In 700 Sundays, legendary comedian and actor Billy Crystal tells the stories of his youth, growing up in the jazz world of Manhattan, his teenage years, and finally adulthood.

The 700 Club (1966– ) –

Television talk show dedicated to bringing stories, guests, news, and much more from a Christian perspective.


credits: the history channel, wordpress.com, entertainment channel

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