house connector.



the aussies have moved back

and the family is reunited

little f

has decided that it would be a good idea

to  connect our houses

so that we will always be close by

and never lose our attachment

so he made up a master plan


we’ll need the following stuff:

a couple packs of big nails
a couple of pieces of wood
1 new tree plus the tree that’s already there
2 microphones with tubes attached to the end
1 zip line
1 cubby tree house
1 new house and 1 house that’s already here
2 cans of green paint and 1 can of yellow paint (our favorite colors)

1 tube of silicone stuff
2 key rings (keep in the secret key hole)
2 glass squirrel doors for the holes so they don’t steal the keys
1 saw to cut the wood
1 box of bandaids
1 extra first aid kit
2 bags each of nuts and worms and seeds to feed the tree animals
a couple of packs of kit-kats and carmello bars and cadbury chocolates for us


this is the secret hole where we’ll leave our keys

and always have open access to our houses and hearts.

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  1. That is wonderful! I always wanted a house connector with my best friend when I was small.

    And the Aussies are BACK! Alright!

    Awesome imagination. Love it. The nuts and worms for the tree animals is great – so thoughtful of other creatures (and of course some chocolates for the humans). And the detail – like glass doors so the squirrels and such won’t take the keys and yet still maintain the natural look with the glass. (When I was managing a trucking company we had a mailbox outside where we dropped keys and the birds took all the keys and tried to make a nest in there – so i know what he means).

    That has to be the most intelligent, healthiest statement I’ve ever seen from a small child. And the whole point is sharing. Amazing. You got some cracker-jack grandies there Beth. 🙂

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  2. Oh my goodness, Beth!! I am hoping the celebration of connecting the houses will be the first step and then, each one after this will add to the family who loves and shares their lives now more closer than ever! I am so happy for you that the Aussies are going to move here. The “little F” child who made the connectors between houses was a great artist and will possibly be an architect one day. . . 🙂
    I love that every project needs Peaches to purchase some sweet treats, too. xo xo

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