3600 seconds.


Flood Birds

time is flying never to return.

– virgil

 daylight savings time moves once again.

gain 3600 seconds in the fall.

lose 3600 seconds in the spring.

call it even.

image credit: google images


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    • That’s not part of Daylight Saving Time, though. Leap seconds are added (or theoretically subtracted, though they never have been yet) at the end of June or December (or theoretically April or September, though those have never been used yet either).

      They’re separate issues; one’s about matching daylight to the hours of the day people are going to be awake, while the other is about keeping clock time and sun time as close together as possible.

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  1. I was just thinking about you the other day! I found a wonderful educator that you might like to look into: http://norahcolvin.com/

    I’ve had a busy summer, and I’m down to one grandchild during the week.
    Your bird photo reminds me of when I went out to dinner at dusk the other night and the birds… well they reminded me of the Alfred Hitchcock movie!

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  2. Love the bird image. Must say, while it may be ‘even,’ I’d happily do without the extra hour sleep in Autumn to save the physical and emotional upheaval that hour causes. Takes me weeks to settle into it, if at all!

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