welcome to my fairy garden, one and all.



nothing i love better

than to see

children, adults, pets, families




on foot

on bicycles




being carried.

stopping by

to pay a visit

to the fairy garden

in all four seasons.




bringing gifts

acting out stories

taking tokens

noting changes

moving things

telling secrets

making memories

leaving special things behind.

spending a little quiet time

with the fairies

before they head

back into life 

in a 

busy grown-up world. 

child of the pure, unclouded brow
and dreaming eyes of wonder!
though time be fleet and I and thou
are half a life asunder,
thy loving smile will surely hail
the love-gift of a fairy tale.
– lewis carroll

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  1. The little girls next door planted a fairy garden in my flower bed a few years ago. Their mother came over to explain. We laughed, but I did tell her if it spawned any new fairies, I expected her to raise them. Fun memory; the girls are sadly too old for that now.

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  2. May I just say, that you always always have wonderful posts that put a smile on my face. Sometimes your pictures with just one line that you wrote along save my day, when I feel grumpy or sad (no pressure *wink*). Thank you! I just needed to say this, because you regularly like my posts, but I rarely comment on your blog or anything. But I adore your blog, and if I kept expressing this everytime, I wouldn’t get around to do anything else. So here, for the whole past year: I love what you are doing here! Happy New Year to you! May your fairy garden bloom and be filled with life. (Out of context that might sound awkward, or even a bit rude…*tihi*)

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    • thank you so much, for your very kind words, jasmin. i’m so happy to read that my little post helps to give you a boost when you need it, sometimes. thank you for the good wishes too, not awkward at all, and may you have a wonderful new year too, full of new adventure and many great posts.

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