forgive me if I sleep until I wake up. – charles olson



sleepover party with the grandies

one bed

all tangled up and diagonal





covers on

covers off

cuddlies hugged

socks off

socks on

favorite blankets

one falls out

stays asleep

gets scooped back up

put in the middleΒ 

folded into the mix


morning comes


we are off!

when I’m sleeping i do a lot of living.
– david johansen

image credit: ‘go, dog, go’ by p.d. eastman (one of my favorite books)

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  1. Sounds like a perfect sleepover, using a fun and clever book to illustrate. I can fully picture this but now we have to split the group up into girls one time and boys another. Lara is 12 and cousin Skyler is 11. Both middle school but no blood connection. Lara is part of the sweet pair of grandies who were part of a package deal marriage πŸ˜‰

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  2. We stayed overnight with a family when my youngest was three. She got the bottom bunk from the daughter of the family. As soon as light crept through the window, the older girl reports, my daughter climbed up onto her bunk, pulled back her blankets and said, “There’s light! It’s morning! It’s morning!”

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