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let sleeping humans lie.


dreaming in a plufi

The Plufi is a comfy-looking dog bed made specifically for humans and features a thick pillow border, memory foam, and soft faux fur. The built-in handles allow for excellent portability and the circular design provides an enveloping napping environment that can soothe the most jagged of nerves.

Inspired by the classic dog bed, the Plufl is designed to alleviate stress and anxiety by providing a space where you can rest, recharge, and rejuvenate.

The team is raising funds through Indegogo in order to bring the Plufl to the public. Orders placed have a cautious shipping date of January 2023.

 Plufl is set to ship in January 2023 but may be slightly later depending on your location Please note that this is an estimate as you’re pre-ordering the product, and production delays could arise.

“the replenishing thing that comes with a nap – you end up with two mornings in a day.”

-pete hamill


credit: lori dorn

let her sleep, for when she wakes she will shake the world. napoleon bonaparte


this may or may not be an actual photo of me in inaction

imagine my disappointment

when receiving the response below

after volunteering for a study

that i was born to

  training for this my whole life

i am a natural

this is my skill set

 known to fall asleep literally anywhere at any time

regardless of what is going on around me

especially within minutes of being seated

as a passenger in any moving vehicle

who gets a rejection letter from the circadian research lab?!

Napping in a Motor Vehicle Seat Study

Hello Beth,

Thank you for your interest in the Napping in a Motor Vehicle Seat Study. Unfortunately, you are not eligible for the study. You may be eligible for other studies being done at the University of Michigan.


Research Technician Associate

Sleep and Circadian Research Laboratory

University of Michigan

Michigan Medicine



“i can’t take a traditional yoga class or anything. i’ll just lay down and take a nap on the mat”

-jessica st. clair



photo image: atoz animals 



If your summer plans already include laying in bed all day, you may be the perfect fit for the Mattress Firm’s new job opening. The company is looking for a “snoozetern” to test mattresses at their Houston, Texas headquarters by sleeping in them.

The Mattress Firm’s intern will be paid to spend 30 hours a week lounging in bed this summer. Job duties include assessing “the optimal head and foot positions” for reading, eating, binge-watching, and of course, sleeping in bed. When they’re awake, the snoozetern will also be responsible for creating written and video content for Mattress Firm’s website and social media platforms.

The ideal candidate is 18 or older, has housing and transportation access in the Houston area, knows how to use video editing software, and is “passionate about sleep and comfort.” Mattress Firm will select three to five finalists out of the applicants to create a short video pitching themselves, and from those candidates one will be picked for the job.

To apply, head to Mattress Firm’s website and submit your resume and relevant information. But you’d better hurry: Applications are due May 3, and the intern will be selected by the middle of May.

“every morning is a battle between the superego and the id, 

and i am a mere foot soldier with mud and a snooze button on her shield.”

-catherynne m. valente

credits: mental floss, michelle debczak, wavy, reddit.com

calm in the storm.


windows open

to the breezy rain

 stormy waters rolling onto shore

and i’m soon to be 

sleeping by a dock in the bay. 


“water is the driving force of all nature.”

-leonardo da vinci



traverse bay, traverse city, michigan, usa – summer 2018


forgive me if I sleep until I wake up. – charles olson



sleepover party with the grandies

one bed

all tangled up and diagonal





covers on

covers off

cuddlies hugged

socks off

socks on

favorite blankets

one falls out

stays asleep

gets scooped back up

put in the middle 

folded into the mix


morning comes


we are off!

when I’m sleeping i do a lot of living.
– david johansen

image credit: ‘go, dog, go’ by p.d. eastman (one of my favorite books)

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