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let her sleep, for when she wakes she will shake the world. napoleon bonaparte


this may or may not be an actual photo of me in inaction

imagine my disappointment

when receiving the response below

after volunteering for a study

that i was born to

  training for this my whole life

i am a natural

this is my skill set

 known to fall asleep literally anywhere at any time

regardless of what is going on around me

especially within minutes of being seated

as a passenger in any moving vehicle

who gets a rejection letter from the circadian research lab?!

Napping in a Motor Vehicle Seat Study

Hello Beth,

Thank you for your interest in the Napping in a Motor Vehicle Seat Study. Unfortunately, you are not eligible for the study. You may be eligible for other studies being done at the University of Michigan.


Research Technician Associate

Sleep and Circadian Research Laboratory

University of Michigan

Michigan Medicine



“i can’t take a traditional yoga class or anything. i’ll just lay down and take a nap on the mat”

-jessica st. clair



photo image: atoz animals