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  1. Oh indeed Beth – so very true and well said. Just reading this, I thought about stem cell research and the moral and ethical implications – and the poets must decide what future we want. Do we want to grow live human bodies without brains and use them for parts? Are the life forms we create automatically entitled to all the rights of naturally created life forms? If an individual creates a life form dos he/she own it? Can life be owned? Can the DNA for life be owned?

    Anyway, all that to say I agree 100% Beth. 😀

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  2. Cool structure……and with no snow around!!!!! Congrats on Spring finally arriving and definitely loving the fun equipment on your playground ……

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  3. That’s for sure. With all dues respect to the builders, oh that we had more real poets and not just those who think they are poets, and more real builders and not just those who think they are builders.

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