“there is a time for departure

even when there is no certain place to go.”

– tennessee williams

when i stop at the light on this corner

 what i see


always different


always the same

this is the stop 

where you get on the bus


go straight to the airport

i’ve seen people














so many different goodbyes


i sometimes wonder

what they say to each other

just before

one steps 

onto that bus


one is left  behind

on the sidewalk

they all have a story and a reason 

maybe to return to somewhere or someone

maybe for an adventure

maybe to see the world

maybe to leave a bad situation behind

maybe to meet someone for the first time

maybe to get better

maybe to help someone

maybe to realize a dream

maybe they’re not yet sure

but there is one thing that is certain

someone is leaving


someone is coming.

”the best things said come last. people will talk for hours saying nothing much and then linger at the door with words that come with a rush from the heart. “

-alan alda

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  1. OK, so here’s the “thing”, Little Buddy: There comes a time when I run out of adjectives to describe your work because I read most everything that you post, so with that said, let me just say this – every time you see that I’ve read you, I’m thinking this – You are one beautiful, loving, creative, funny, insightful, talented, artistic individual whose work I thoroughly enjoy!!!! And when I have some more adjectives to throw your way, I’ll be adding them on to this list, ok??? Thank you for sharing your talents with us, dear Beth! ((((HUGS!!!))) ❤ Lucie

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  2. As I am the one often sitting waiting for the bus and the leaving. I can tell you from a different country that it is sad to be the one leaving but it is also exciting too to be going somewhere else even if it’s just back home. LOL Thought I would give you a different look than the one you were seeing or at least from a different point.
    Hope you have a great summer Beth I know you will miss your kiddos but you will have a whole new batch to mold in August or September. ❤ Kat

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  3. I love this, Beth! My daughter read a quote at a wedding from Love Actually. It is one about hellos and goodbyes, crying and joyful reunions. The bride and groom felt it embodied their journey of marriage, how it would transpire, hopefully always rushing back into each other’s arms. What you said, in your own words, was equally powerful and beautiful.
    Sorry, I had very long days and no interest in going to library or coffee shop to catch up on blogs. Funny, going to others blogs takes up an incredible amount of data usage on cell phone, but just using WordPress at home works to respond to comments and create new posts. . . Thanks for listening and always being such a kind (and patient friend) commenter. ❤

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    • i love that movie and it’s quotes were excellent. no worries, about timing on responding, always good to see you when you are able to respond. happy and easy to be a commenter on your blog )


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