mexican fortune.



went out on taco tuesday 

for a

family fiesta

all tacos were just one dollar


when we got the menu

we saw

the new ‘surprise filling’ option

kind of scary and intriguing at the same time

we asked our server as instructed

“what’s it going to be today?”



it wasn’t available

they ran out of it

must have been very popular


couldn’t they have

just combined things


made one up?

how would we know the difference?

raisins, mashed potatoes, and green jello?


watermelon rinds, blue cheese, and kit-kat bars?


whatever they found in the kitchen?

if there were mexican fortune cookies

i expect that mine would have read:

“expect nothing. live frugally on surprise.”

-alice walker

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  1. Ohhh, I love Mexican but it does not love me. I can eat American tacos – beef, tomatoes, grated cheese, lettuce – but the real Mexican makes me rumbly in the tumbly

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  2. Vege options are so rare, love it. Maybe they could’ve come up with a spicy sauce – like “mole” called it a surprise hot and spicy with your choice of meat or seafood. You can’t go wrong with the chocolate and chili combo in mole after all.

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  3. I want to call all days Tuesday now. Did you know that i once told a not-so-nice customer at one of my tables in a Mexican restaurant when I was a college kid working for tips that the chile relleno he just devoured (and asked about – he called me Pedro) was actually filled with salamander?

    (The people at his table embarrassed at how he’d treated me all night got a big kick out of it.)

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