grandies and a friend

open a magic trick shop

with tricks

priced according to

the level of awe factor

the magic box trick


the card tricks

available upon request

and don’t forget the

family discount option

performance art

at its finest

some days

it becomes a

whittled stick shop

and others

a painted rock shop

the transformation

and imagination


pure magic.

“magic is believing in yourself,

if you can do that,

you can make anything happen.”

-johann wolfgang von goethe


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  1. Awesome entrepreneurs Beth – Ha! I hope you claimed your family discount. Fabulous strategy – minimize your fixed assets – just a basic table (painted an eye-catching red) that works for all applications – and make all else variable, even the signage, in order to best leverage the product or service being promoted today. That allows a flexibility that enables the business to turn on a dime and take advantage of any short term opportunities. I really like the magic show because it takes supplies that are available in most homes and uses the human brain to provide the added value that makes the product salable and unique. That establishes an automatic barrier to entry for any competition. If more North American businesses quit bitching about what they don’t have (i.e. cheap labor, no benefit costs, proximity to raw materials,etc) and instead leveraged what they DO have – i.e. ingenuity, management experience, organizational skills, insight into new applications and uses. etc – they would be much more successful.

    Excellent post and give my admiration to the grandies Beth – well done!

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  2. I am charmed by the photo … and even more so by your description! I think your grandies (and their friend) are BRILLIANT to price their tricks according to the awe factor — and to diversify their business as well. Seeing kids with such imagination gives me hope for the future. 🙂

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